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We Are Here If You Need Us:

Divorce and dissolution

As divorce attorneys, we can help you settle your belongings and manage paperwork during this time so you can focus on your own family.

Child support, custody, and visitation

During and after a divorce, child custody can be complex to plan and enforce. Our team is here to help.

Child support

If you require child support after a divorce or separation, or you’ve been asked to pay child support to a partner, our team can ensure a fair agreement is reached.

Adoption or guardianship

Adoption is a beautiful thing, but the process is extremely complicated. Hire our Anchorage attorneys for assistance.


Minor children can file for emancipation and thus, independence from their parents before the age of 18 in special circumstances.

Additional family law issues

Our divorce attorney services and other family law expertise can help you through any situation. Contact us today.

What is family law?

In the State of Alaska, family law is an area of law which governs both the creation and breakup of family units. It deals with domestic relations such as: marriage, domestic partnerships, and civil unions; adoption and surrogacy; and child support issues. As family law and divorce attorneys in Anchorage, we deal with cases involving marriage, divorce, guardianship, and adoption. Before a major life event in these areas, it’s always best to consult an experienced attorney early in the process to avoid costly mistakes and misinformation that could cost you later. The American Bar Association agrees:

“It ordinarily is a good idea to consult with a lawyer about major life events or changes, such as a divorce. S/he will protect your rights, as well as the rights of your children. S/he keeps current with the laws in your state concerning marriage, divorce, marital property, child custody and visitation, and family support.”

When should you hire an attorney?
The obvious answer to this question is “it depends.” Not all situations require that you hire an attorney. Generally speaking, if any of the below common family law situations apply to you – you will almost always benefit from a no-obligation consultation with a family law expert:

  • You are considering legally changing your marital status (divorce, legal separation, or annulment)
  • You need some help with a restraining order or domestic violence restraining order (DVRO)
  • You are thinking about adopting a child
  • You are getting married and are considering a prenuptial agreement
  • You need some help or guidance on child custody and/or child support
  • You are thinking about trying to modify a divorce agreement

What To Expect

What to expect when you contact Jason Weiner and Associates PC
Scheduling an initial consultation with a legal expert in our office does not require commitment or obligation on your part. We’ll listen to you explain the situation and your ideal outcome, then share with you the relevant laws and regulations that impact your case. Once you understand the legal options in your case, you can choose if and how to proceed with no pressure from us.

What should you expect after retaining an attorney?
You might find something out during your consultation that changes your mind about what you want to do – or you might get clarification on what your next step should be. We don’t always think you need an attorney, but if your cases requires one, we’ll outline the entire legal process from planning to resolution, and immediately get to work on your “step 1.”

There are no clear cut rules on exactly when you should hire a family law attorney – but requesting a consultation with an expert to help you make that decision is one of the smartest things you can do. Contact our Anchorage or Fairbanks office today.