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The team at Jason Weiner and Associates PC wants our clients to be successful in achieving their goals and healthy all along the way. To support you, our legal services can advise you before and during all of life’s big moments, from personal growth in marriage, adoption, and personal health to professional ambitions in business, real estate, and labor law. With no-obligation consultations, you can feel free to check in with us about any issue or plans you have and see what opportunities and protections our legal system has to offer you in your next steps. Contact us for legal counsel in any area of the law, and we’ll schedule a meeting with the right legal specialist on our team.

Labor Law

Labor law is a broad practice area that covers the relationships between every business entity and the connections between it’s employees at all levels.

Bankruptcy law

Our team can guide you through the strict bankruptcy filing requirements if it’s the best financial decision as an individual or a business to take back control of your finances.